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Transform your venue with uplighting!

Rent uplighting in Colorado for an easy and affordable way to create a modern wedding reception. Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding ambiance. Clients consistently tell us that wedding lighting and event lighting has added more "pizazz" and garnered more compliments than any other decoration at their reception. The best part is that uplighting is quick and easy for anyone to setup - no experience required! Click the button on the right to rent uplighting in Colorado. Or click HERE for wireless uplighting.

Easy DIY Uplighting

     1. Plug uplight into outlet.
     2. Press button to choose any color.
     3. Put uplight on floor against wall.

DIY uplighting setup is quick and easy. No experience required! It takes 30 seconds to set up each LED uplight. The LED uplights can be linked together with the power cords provided, so you need just one outlet for the entire room. Or click HERE for wireless uplighting.

Free Shipping & Returns:

pink dot Free shipping both ways.

pink dot Delivery guaranteed at least two days before event date.

pink dot After event, put rental items back in same box with pre-paid return shipping label provided.

pink dot Return package to FedEx two days after your event, or schedule a free FedEx pickup.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

pink dot Uplighting is guaranteed to arrive at least two days prior to your event date.

pink dot Uplighting is guaranteed to arrive in perfect working condition.

pink dot Prices for uplighting are all-inclusive. No hidden fees.

Click HERE to read more about our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Or Click HERE to read our 450+ reviews on WeddingWire for uplighting.


RMW Rental Process



 Before and After Uplighting, wedding lighting, uplighting, before and after up lights  uplighting, before and after uplighting, wedding lighting, event lighting

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Colorado Up Lighting Quick Reference Links:
Up lighting is easy for anyone to setup. Below are videos and quick reference guides for everything you need to know about DIY up lights (do-it-yourself uplighting) and how to set up your Rent My Wedding up lighting.

    ~ VIDEO: How To Set Up-Lighting Colors
    ~ VIDEOUp Lighting Setup in Venue
    ~ FAQ: All About Wedding Lighting
    ~ INSTRUCTIONS: DIY Up Lighting
    ~ COLOR CHART: Up Lighting Colors
    ~INSPIRATIONDIY Ideas for Up Lighting


Shipping to Colorado:
Enjoy FREE shipping both ways on all uplighting rentals to Colorado. Uplighting rental delivery is guaranteed at least two days before your event date. We guarantee uplighting will arrive on-time, with all uplights in perfect condition.

Return up light rentals to any FedEx location two days after event date. Use same box and pre-paid FedEx label provided for return. No late fees as long as you call to make arrangements if you are unable to return your items on time.

Uplighting Rental Policies:
Uplighting rental policies include flexble payment options - pay 25% now and balance later. No hidden costs or fine print - all uplighting rental prices include everything you need. No security deposit. If you are late on a return, no late fees as you call to let us know and make arrangements for a new return date on your uplighting rental.

Cancel anytime before you package ships out for a full refund. Full refund will be issued within 1 business day of cancellation.

Rent Up Lights in Colorado: $19/each
uplight, up light, uplighting, up lighting, LED uplightRent up lights for $19 each. Rental price includes everything you need - up light, power cord, and free shipping both ways. Power cords are available in two different sizes: 5-foot or 10-foot length. Choose desired power cord length on checkout page for rent up lights.

Colors for Up Lights: 
Up lights can be set to almost any shade of any color with the push of a button. You can program the colors on your up lights before your event to save time. The up lights will keep the color in memory, so that on the day of the event all you need to do is plug them in. Additionally, we offer a preset color service for $2/uplight, which means that we program the colors on the LED uplights for you before shipping. We always tell our clients that the preset color service is not necessary since the uplights are so easy to use, but for those interested, this service would save you the step of setting the color on the up lights.

LED Uplight Specifications: 
LED uplights are the latest technology in wedding lighting. We rent professional-grade Chauvet SlimPAR56 LED uplights. Unlike other types of uplighting, LED uplights are energy efficient and do not get hot or blow fuses. About 75 LED uplights are equivalent to the power used by a typical hair dryer! LED uplights are 3" thick and 6" in diameter. Most event lighting professionals use these same LED uplights.

When To Order Up Lights:
We recommend reserving your up lights 30 - 60 days prior to your wedding or event to ensure availability. We will automatically schedule your uplighting package for delivery at least two days prior toyour event date. Many clients book up lights further out so that there is one less thing to worry about later. However, we can also typically accommodate rush orders as well - just give us a call andwould be happy to help you with up lights!

Track Record of Success in Colorado
We rent uplighting in Colorado, and have worked with clients in the following cities and venues:



Rent wireless uplighting for $24/each. This is a great option for outdoor uplighting, areas without outlets, or creating table glow lighting effects. The wireless uplights are powered by rechargeable batteries that last for at least 8 hours. A remote control is provided to set colors or program special lighting effects. Rent wireless uplighting for $24/uplight + FREE shipping nationwide.
Table Glow Uplighting



            The number of up lights to use depends on your vision for the reception and size of venue.  We have provided up lights for hundreds of weddings, and couples have used as few as 2 up lights and as many as 80 up lights.  Here are guidelines:

            Seating Capacity

            Accent Uplighting

            Moderate Coverage

            Maximum Coverage

            50 people

            4 – 8 up lights

            11 up lights

            18 up lights

            100 – 130 people

            4 – 8 up lights

            16 up lights

            30 up lights

            130 – 200 people

            4 – 8 up lights

            20 up lights

            35 up lights

            200 – 250 people

            4 – 8 up lights

            24 up lights

            42 up lights

            250 – 350 people

            4 – 8 up lights

            26 up lights

            48 up lights

            350+ people

            4 – 8 up lights

            30+ up lights

            50+ up lights

            ACCENT UPLIGHTING: This look will add interest with uplighting without breaking the bank.  Choose certain areas of your wedding venue to highlight with uplighting, such as your head table (2 - 6 up lights), cake table (1 - 2 up lights), wedding guest book table (1 - 2 up lights), or dance floor (2 - 4 up lights).
            MODERATE COVERAGE: This is the option for those who want to set the mood and create an elegant ambiance with uplighting.  Adds a nice overall effect to your venue with moderate coverage. Space lights 10 feet apart around perimeter of room.
            MAXIMUM COVERAGE: For the "wow" effect, choose maximum coverage.  Event lighting professionals refer to this as a "color wash."  Basically, every inch of wall will be covered in colorful uplighting.  This is the icing on the cake for a beautiful venue.  Or, use a color wash to transform a drab venue into a modern, chic space. Space lights 5 feet apart around perimeter of room.

            Maximum Coverage Moderate Coverage Accent Uplighting
            Rent uplighting for color wash effect Rent uplighting for elegant ambiance Rent uplighting for targeted accent lights




            Pink up lights add the perfect finishing touch for this gorgeous wedding reception venue.
            pink up lights, up light, up lighting, uplighting, wedding


            Gorgeous blue uplighting for a wedding uplighting, blue up lights, blue up lighting, wedding lighting


            BEFORE & AFTER: Do-it-yourself uplighting in gym creates a fabulous prom dancefloor!
            uplighting in gym beforeuplighting in gym after, before and after up lighting, gym uplighting, up lights, up lighting

            check availbility button






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