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~~Lighting Stand

Lighting Stand Includes:

  • Adjustable Tripod (Up to 13' High)
  • 10 foot power cord


Additional Details: Stand can be raised to a height of 13 feet. Comes with all necessary accessories. Mount any one of our lights or projectors on this stand.  

Optional Crossbar: Allows you to mount 2 lights on the stand (must be of similar size/weight for proper balance).

Optional Fabric Cover:  Stretchy fabric cover hides the legs of the tripod. Fabric cover is adjustable up to 6 feet tall.




Price: $35.00


Price: $3.00
~~Sand Bags

Sand Bag Rentals! 

  • Canvas saddle bag 
  • OPTIONAL weights 
  • Free shipping both ways 
  • Fill with your own weights OR rent our weights

When to use:  Sandbags are recommended if using our backdrop or canopy outdoors. Here are recommendations on how many to use:

  • Backdrop:  Two 20lb sand bags for every 12 feet wide of backdrop
  • Canopy:  Four 20lb sand bags per canopy

Specifications:  Each sandbag has 2 zippered compartments. Each compartment measures 10.25" x 9.25".  For setup, place the sandbag in the tripod legs. 


TIP:   Save money by renting just the bags -- you can fill them yourself with heavy household items such as soup cans, nuts & bolts, gravel, etc.  

Price: $3.00
~~Spotlight Adapter

Flexible adapter for mounting spotlights.

Price: $2.00
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