Complete Kit - Lighting Package

Complete Kit - Lighting Package

Lighting Package Include Everything You Need!

  • Uplighting for Entire Room
  • Custom Monogram Light
  • Cake Spotlight
  • FREE Shipping Nationwide
  • 5 Day Rental Period


Click To View Monogram Design Templates:

For custom designs, email artwork or details to design@rentmywedding.com


Projector Options:

Choose your projector type on the order form below. Our Wall Projector ($99) can project up to 20 feet away onto a light colored wall.  The Floor Projector ($119) can project up to 70 feet away onto any color surface - including dark walls or floors.  For more details, click HERE.

Mounting Accessories:

Monogram projectors come with a tabletop stand that allows you to place the projector on a table and aim at the wall.  If you need to shine the projector down onto a dance floor, add a Lighting Stand for $29. Click HERE


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Price: $299.00
Package Size & Type
Uplighting (Any Color)
Cake Spotlight
Monogram Light
Custom Text for Monogram
Monogram Template #
Color for Monogram Light
Mounting Accessories for Monogram