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Make your party glow with black lights!

Black Lights set the mood for a fun party! Reflective surfaces and anything white will instantly glow under the black lights. Perfect for glow parties, white parties, sorority and fraternity events, homecoming, prom, and more! Setup is super easy - no experience required. Just plug in the light, set it on a table, and point at the area you want to glow! Most parties just require 1 or 2 black lights to light up the entire room. See below for more details on estimating your quantity of black lights. The rental cost is $99 for one black light, or $89/each if renting two or more black lights.

Black Lights Setup

1. Plug it in.
2. Set on a table.
3. Aim at area you want to glow.

You're done! Do-it-yourself black lights are quick & easy to setup in a matter of minutes. The black lights come with everything you need - all you do is plug it in.

Free Shipping & Returns:

pink dot Free shipping both ways.

pink dot Delivery guaranteed at least  two days before event date.

pink dot After event, put rental items back in same box with pre-paid return shipping label provided.

pink dot Return package to FedEx two days after your event, or schedule a free FedEx pickup.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

pink dot Black Lights are guaranteed to arrive at least two days prior to your event date.

pink dot Black Lights are guaranteed to arrive in perfect working condition.

pink dot Prices for black lights are all-inclusive. No hidden fees.

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RMW Rental Process


Below are videos and quick reference guides for everything you need to know about black lights.

    ~ Video Black Lights Setup
    ~ Instructions: DIY Black Lights Setup
    ~ FAQ: All About Wedding Lighting
    ~ Inspiration Black Lights Inspiration

We recommend placing the black lights on a cocktail table and point at the dance floor or any area you want to glow.

   1. Plug it in.
   2. Set on a table.
   3. Aim black light anywhere you want to glow.

PRICE: As low as $89 per black light
Rent one black light for $99. For two or more black lights, the price is $89/each. Prices include everything Gobo Projector you need plus free shipping both ways.

Just click HERE to check availabiltiy, and then complete your order online or by phone. Black Lights will be delivered at least two days prior to your event.



What Are Black Lights?
Black Lights are also called UV lights or ultra violet lights. When you turn on the black light, you will see a purplish glow. What you cannot see is the ultraviolet light that the bulb is also producing. The ultraviolet light has the effect of making anything white or florescent glow.

Where Can Black Lights Be Used?
Black Lights can be used virtually anywhere. For best results, use the black lights in a dark room . The darker the room, the more dramatic the effect.

Technical Specifications: 
Our black lights are high powered and use the latest technology. Each black light has a 100 watt COB LED True UV light bulb. Our black lights are at least 3 times more powerful than the typical black light. This means that you can rent fewer lights to get an amazing effect

Brand Name:
We rent the highest quality professional black lights from American DJ: the ADJ UV Cob Cannon .

Our black lights use the latest LED technology, which means they will stay cool all night. Unlike the older style of black lights, this new technology means that you don't have to worry about fire hazards or blowing fuses.

How Many Black Lights Do I Need?
Most of our clients use 1 or 2 black lights. Each black light will cover an area of about 60 feet by 60 feet. If using black lights in a gym, you will need 2 black lights to cover half the gym, or 4 black lights to cover the entire gym.

Where Do I Put The Black Lights?
We recommend placing the black light on a cocktail table in a corner of the room. It has an adjustable stand so that you can aim and point it anywhere you want to glow. Y ou can also mount the black lights on a Lighting Stand if you want them to shine down.

How Big Are The Black Lights?
The black light weighs 11 pounds, and it measures 12.75" x 11" x 8."
The blacklight has an adjustable stand so that you can angle and point the light as needed. Each black light covers an area of about 60 feet x 60 feet.

What Will Glow?
Just about anything white or flourescent will glow under black lights. This includes white clothing, white linens, highlighter markers, fluorescent or neon party paint, and more!

Special Programming:
The black lights can be programmed for special lighting effects, including pulse and strobe. For lighting professionals interested in creating a lighting show, the black lights can be controlled by DMX.



Enjoy FREE shipping both ways on all rentals within continental U.S. Delivery is guaranteed at least  two days before your event date. We guarantee packages will arrive on-time, with all rentals in perfect condition.

Return rentals to any FedEx location two days after event date. Use same box and pre-paid FedEx label provided for return. No late fees as long as you call to make arrangements if you are unable to return your items on time.

Flexible payment options - pay 25% now and balance later. No hidden costs or fine print - all rental prices include everything you need. No security deposit. No late fees as long as you call to make arrangements if you are unable to return your items on time .

Cancel anytime before you package ships for a full refund. Full refund will be issued within 1 business day of cancellation .

When To Order:
We recommend reserving your black lights about 30 - 60 days prior to your event date to ensure availability. We will automatically schedule your package for delivery at least two days prir to your event date. Many clients book further out so that there is one less thing to worry about later. However, we can also typically accommodate rush orders as well - just give us a call and we would be happy to help.



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