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Printer For Photo Booth

A. Attendant Required: Printers require an attendant to staff the photo booth during the entire event. Attendant will need to perform the following duties: 1) Tap the photo booth screen to select print option after each guest takes a photo; 2) Ensure the next guest does not use the photo booth until the previous photo strip has finished printing; 3) Refill paper after every 30 photo strips; 4) Change ink after every 100 photo strips; and 5) Troubleshoot printer as necessary. Typical troubleshooting includes: 1) Reconnect printer to photo booth if printer loses connection; 2) Press Power button if printer shuts off during the event; and 3) Unplug printer and plug it back in if any message appears on photo booth screen.

B. Printing Time: It takes approximately 5.5 - 6.5 hours to print photo strips for 100 guests. Each photo sheet must finish printing entirely before the next guest can take a photo. 

C. Refund Policy: Due to the technical nature of this product, we are unable to provide refunds on any printer orders for any reason. This includes technical failure, mechanical failure, damage during transit, or any and all other issues. Additionally, the after-hours helpline is not available for printer assistance. We guarantee that we will test your printer prior to shipping to ensure it is in proper working condition, and ship the printer in a plastic case with protective foam interior. Once the printer has shipped out, client bears all liability for the printer, and no refunds are available.

Price: $104.00
Photo Strips + Ink Add-On
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