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~~Lighting Stand

Lighting Stand Includes:

  • Adjustable Tripod (Up to 13' High)
  • 10 foot power cord


Additional Details: Stand can be raised to a height of 13 feet. Comes with all necessary accessories. Mount any one of our lights or projectors on this stand.  

Optional Crossbar: Allows you to mount 2 lights on the stand (must be of similar size/weight for proper balance).

Optional Fabric Cover:  Stretchy fabric cover hides the legs of the tripod. Fabric cover is adjustable up to 6 feet tall.




Price: $29.00


Price: $3.00


  • Canon Color Printer 
  • 1 Color Ink Cartridge
  • 1 Black Ink Cartridge


PRINTER DETAILS: Printer yield is approximately 100 sheets of full color 4x6 prints. Add additional prints on the drop-down menu. Paper is glossy photo paper, perforated down the middle to create 2" x 4" photo strips.  Other paper options are available upon request.

DISCLAIMER: Rent My Wedding, LLC does not guarantee compatibility of the Printer with products other than our own photo booth system.  Technical support is not available for the printer rental.  Renter is responsible for all setup and technical configuration of the printer. We recommend renting our entire photo booth kit to guarantee compatibility and access to technical support. 

Price: $149.00
~~Sand Bags

Sand Bag Rentals! 

  • Canvas saddle bag 
  • OPTIONAL weights 
  • Free shipping both ways 
  • Fill with your own weights OR rent our weights

When to use:  Sandbags are recommended if using our backdrop or canopy outdoors. Here are recommendations on how many to use:

  • Backdrop:  Two 20lb sand bags for every 12 feet wide of backdrop
  • Canopy:  Four 20lb sand bags per canopy

Specifications:  Each sandbag has 2 zippered compartments. Each compartment measures 10.25" x 9.25".  For setup, place the sandbag in the tripod legs. 


TIP:   Save money by renting just the bags -- you can fill them yourself with heavy household items such as soup cans, nuts & bolts, gravel, etc.  

Price: $3.00
~~Spotlight Adapter

Flexible adapter for mounting spotlights.

Price: $2.00
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