~Gobo Projector Rental (PROJECTOR ONLY - NO DESIGN / DISC)

~Gobo Projector Rental (PROJECTOR ONLY - NO DESIGN / DISC)

Gobo Projector Rental includes:

  • Gobo Projector (no design / gobo disc)
  • 5 Day Rental Period
  • Free Shipping Both Ways


Need a Gobo Disc / Design?

Rent our complete monogram lighting package, starting at $99. Click HERE.  Otherwise, rent just the projector if you already have your own gobo disc.

Important Disclaimer: 

  • This rental is for the gobo projector ONLY. It does not include a design or gobo disc. (To rent the complete gobo lighting package with custom design for $99, click HERE).  
  • This product is recommended ONLY for professionals. It requires technical knowledge to obtain the correct gobo disc and insert the disc in the projector. 
  • We cannot guarantee that your disc will fit in our projectors. Gobo projectors use different sizes and types of gobo discs. The projector name and disc specifications are noted on the drop-down menu below.  You are solely responsible for ensuring you have a compatible gobo disc.

Mounting Accessories:

All projectors come with a tabletop stand that allows you to place the projector on a table and aim at the wall.  You can add an optional Lighting Stand ($29) or O-Clamp ($3) if you need to mount the projector. The lighting stand comes with everything you need to mount the projector up to 13 feet high.  The O-Clamp allows you to clamp the projector to a 1.5" or 2.0" diameter tube.


Price: $85.00