Spotlight for Dance Floor (Moving Head)

Spotlight for Dance Floor (Moving Head)

Party spotlight rental includes everything you need:

  • 5 Day Rental Period
  • Party Spotlight Programmable to 8 different colors & 7 different patterns
  • Power Cord 
  • FREE Shipping Both Ways Nationwide


Bring excitement to the dance floor with fast moving beams of colorful light! This spotlight moves around and changes colors. You can also choose to display patterns of light to create texture. The party spotlight comes with 4 special pre-programmed lighting shows, or simply set it to color change mode, sound activated color change mode, strobe, or fade / dimming mode. The party spotlight can change between different colored beams of light, or change between different patterns. Features 8 color options (including white) and 7 patterns to choose from. Includes a remote control for easy setup and operation. For setup, just plug it in, set it on a table, and push a button to start a light show!

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