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Pattern & Texture Lighting

Texture Lighting Package includes everything you need:

  • 5 Day Rental Period
  • Custom Texture Design (We'll email a proof)
  • Professional Texture Lighting Projector (Pre-loaded with your selected design)
  • FREE Shipping Both Ways Nationwide


Click To View Texture / Pattern Design Templates:

For custom texture or pattern designs, email artwork or details to design@rentmywedding.com


Mounting Accessories:

All projectors come with a tabletop stand that allows you to place the projector on a table and aim at the wall.  You can add an optional Lighting Stand if you need to mount the projector up high to shine down onto a floor. 


Projector Type:

Our Texture Lighting package uses the Pro Gobo, which is our largest and brightest projector.  This projector can create images of up to 35 feet wide (the farther away from the wall, the larger the image will be). To learn more, click HERE.


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Price: $229.00
YOUR CUSTOM TEXT (Names, Date, etc.)
Mounting Accessories
Power Cord