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Uplighting - WIRELESS

Wireless Uplighting Rental Includes:

  • Uplight (Set to Any Color)
  • Remote Control
  • Charging Cords (To Recharge Lights if Desired) 
  • 5-Day Rental + FREE Shipping

More Details:

  • Uplights can be set to just about any shade of any color using remote control provided.
  • We can preset the colors on the lights for $2/each. Click HERE to add this service.
  • Place lights on the floor, up against the wall. They will illuminate from floor to ceiling.
  • Looking for discounts? Click HERE to rent our lower-priced standard uplights (with power cords). 

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Price: $35.00
Quantity Price
10-19 Items $34.00
20-29 Items $33.00
30-39 Items $31.00
40+ Items $29.00